The 9Fine Story

APMEX, Inc., an industry leader for more than 15 years, wanted to bring competitively priced Silver products into the marketplace that could be manufactured using clean technology. After years spent researching different techniques, we were able to launch 9Fine Mint and create a modern take on a truly classic production process.

All 9Fine Mint products are made entirely in the United States. Each bar is cast, for a nice traditional feel, and features sharp lines for an updated and sleek look. Additionally, the bold custom packaging adds a fresh look to .999 fine Silver but also provides safe storage to help eliminate tarnishing and scratching.

Each of our bars truly is produced with the future in mind. All 9Fine Mint products meet the fineness requirements for Precious Metals IRAs, helping you create a strategically balanced retirement portfolio. 9Fine Mint also carries ISO 9001 certification, which requires that our processes consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

9Fine Mint is backed by one of the largest names in the Precious Metals industry, carrying a long-standing reputation and consistent customer satisfaction. We are always looking to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations – from that comes 9Fine Mint. Whether you want to buy Silver for its Silver content and investment appeal or you just want to own some unique and unrivaled Silver, 9Fine Mint combines quality and trust in a unique, bold way.

9Fine Mint Box
9Fine Mint Stack

Why Us?

All 9Fine Mint bars are made entirely in the United States using state-of-the-art production processes that qualify for ISO 9001 certification. The custom packaging for each bar not only adds a fresh look to the Silver, it also protects the bars from tarnishing or scratching during storage. We use only the finest grain to provide you with high-quality Silver bars that are visually appealing and can provide a sound investment for the future.